Thursday, October 29, 2020

Inspiring natural form

Crystal Creek, North Queensland


Printing collaborations with Ali George

A day in the studio with Ali George at Tarome, South East Queensland, creating printed fabrics for Kat Walsh to use in her own designs.

Aliquilts Studio, Tarome 

black acrylic on cotton

black acrylic on cotton

black acrylic
on white cotton (detail)

pearl white and orange,
on black linen



I've been away from the blog for too long. I started posting in Instagram, which is fun, but doesn't provide me with an annotated archive of work. We travelled this month to visit friends in North Queensland, Caerphilly Station, and see how country can be used for grazing without significant land clearing and habitat destruction.  

The more you know, the more complex it all is.

Caerphilly Station, North Queensland

Art exhibition 2020

 Guerilla art exhibition, 1-31 October 2020, in the lead to the Queensland elections.

This is a time of destruction, against which we offer the creative act. 

Everson, 1943

Caerphilly collection

Wearable art inspired by and created at Caerphilly Station, North Queensland.   


Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Mute as a fish

Thinking about the 'why' of my life and my practice. If you are an emerging artist for 20 years, are you a failed artist?  What is a failed artist?  There's no such thing, I don't think.  Creating is breathing. 

Exploring, I found Robinson Jeffers. This one, Great men,  from Poetry in 1940.

Friday, August 28, 2020

Karen has a passing thought

‘Gee, it’s not looking good Karen. Do you think we should maybe buy less shit’?
Oh no, Jane. It’s not our problem. It’s those fucking greenies who caused the fires’.